Public Art/Commissions > Washington, D.C.

HDPE boards, stainless steel
10' x 10' x 6'

Date Awarded: January 2024
Budget: $55,000
Status: In Fabrication, completion Summer 2024
Location: Lorraine Whitlock Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

NEST is an interactive, larger than life bird’s nest playscape for the Lorraine A. Whitlock Elementary School outdoor play area in Washington, D.C. This project’s design was developed to nurture and foster the children of Whitlock to research, explore, and discover the natural world around them through participatory, imaginative play.

NEST will be constructed from High-density polyethylene (HDPE) that will wrap the stainless steel frame. Children will have the opportunity to scale the exterior HDPE twig-like surface to reach a cargo net spanning the top surface of the NEST. A crawl space at its base will allow children to climb to an interior with seating and additional play spaces.