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This series is created by a process that involves engraving and reverse glass painting. Once the image is placed onto the glass, I fuse the glass to a thin piece of hand-wrinkled copper that has vitreous copper enamel sifted on it. When fired, the finished piece reveals the incompatibilities of the glass, copper, and enamel. This result can be seen by the crazing or crackling effect on the inside surface of the glass. Evidence of the copper can often be seen in the skies and on the low bumps on the outside surface of the glass, a result of the glass slumping over the wrinkled copper.

If no price is listed the piece either Sold or Not For Sale. For inquiries about work for sale please contact me by phone (216.224.6040), email (scott@scottgoss.com), or by using the Contact button on the top left of this page.