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Bird's Eye Viewer
Bird's Eye Viewer

#8 polished stainless steel, steel, powder coating

Date Awarded: December 2018
Project Budget: $10,000
Status: Pre-Construction, completion May 2019

This past December I was awarded one of three public art commissions for a new bike path along Lake Erie in Cleveland, OH. This project, organized by |Destination Cleveland|| and |LAND Studio||, will feature "viewing platforms" designed to enhance pedestrian and cyclist perspectives along the trail. My project consists of a kaleidoscope viewfinder that the viewer can pull down over their head to see a reflective view of the city. This trail offers some of the best, yet unknown, sights of Cleveland, which is one reason I am very excited to have been selected. Look for this project during your next stroll along Lake Erie and during the upcoming |Visit Me in CLE|| event this summer!