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Public art project
Strength in Unity
Powder-coated steel doors
14' x 3' x 14'

Date Awarded: April 2018
Project Budget: $65,800
Current Status: Completed

In early 2018 I was awarded the winning proposal for Shaker Heights' Make your Mark on Moreland Public Art Competition. This competition invited artists and design professionals to submit proposals for the creation of a highly visible and noteworthy gateway in Moreland, one of the city's historically significant neighborhoods. Design concepts had to embody cultural and social identities and define a dynamic neighborhood steeped in history and poised for growth.

This project consists of 14 powder-coated steel doors, each modeled after a front door found in the neighborhood. The design was inspired by the diversity of architectural styles found in the Moreland neighborhood. By stacking each door, the piece represents the strength a community has when they embrace collaboration. The final stacking of the 14 doors also creates an uppercase M, a fitting entryway into the neighborhood.

Click Here to hear an audio interview of myself describing this project to the Hey Shaker! podcast.