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Public art project
Standing in Balance
Make your Mark on Moreland Public Art Competition
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Powder-coated steel doors
20' x 20' x 3'

I recently was awarded the winning proposal for Shaker Make your Mark on Moreland Public Art Competition. This competition invited artists and design professionals to submit proposals for the creation of highly visible, noteworthy gateways and historic markers in Moreland, one of the city's historically significant neighborhoods. Design concepts had to embody cultural and social identities and define a dynamic neighborhood steeped in history and poised for growth.

For my project, I proposed the construction of 29 powder-coated steel doors, each modeled after a front door found in the neighborhood. This design was inspired by the diversity of architecture styles found in the Moreland neighborhood. The doors, each stacked and leaning against another, represents strength in unity. When stacked, the two towers form a large uppercase M, for Moreland.

Date Awarded: April 2018
Project Budget: $61,000
Current Status: In review