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Somewhere Up There
Somewhere Up There
LCD TV’s, continuous loop DVD players, mixed media, found objects, security camera
6' x 6' x 11'

Where do your thoughts, your memories go when you lose them; when an idea, someone’s name, a place you’ve been before is right at the tip of your tongue, but is just out of reach? Where is the space that they end up? They have to be somewhere, but where? What if you could get to these lost memories? What if you could pull them down and capture a momentary glimpse of what they looked like, what they sounded like, even if for just a second? In this piece, I have created an environment that allows one to catch a preview of these escaped thoughts. The piece, which requires the viewer to bend down, crawl on their hands and knees, then stand up in a tight, enclosed space, permits access to some of my lost memories.