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Wooden crate, oil on panel, graphite, L hooks
77” x 22.5” x 6”

Through my explorations over the past year, I have found a trend in the process I tend to follow when developing and creating new work. This process follows a path where I develop a controlled environment for the creation of the final object, yet at some point I allow an uncontrolled element to affect the final outcome of the work. In both my shipping pieces and in my video I have further explored this process by developing scenarios where I create a controlled environment that is then affected by an uncontrolled element. In my shipping pieces I have created a painting that is still wet and then shipped via UPS from my home in Cleveland to here in Kent, with an open jar of graphite in it. In these pieces the UPS driver acts as the uncontrolled action placed on the wet oil painting.

This piece is for sale at my studio. Please contact me by phone at 216.224.6040 or by e-mail at scott@scottgoss.com for pricing and to purchase.