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9:02 / NTSC

**Please note: There is some offensive language in this video**

Through my explorations over the past year, I have found a trend in the process I tend to follow when developing and creating new work. This process follows a path where I develop a controlled environment for the creation of the final object, yet at some point I allow an uncontrolled element to affect the final outcome of the work. In this video I have explored the controlled environment in which I present myself everyday as a straight-faced, low emotion guy. While the people around me see a man with little emotion, within me there is an uncontrolled set of emotions that are only revealed to me in my head, and to those closest to me.

This piece is for sale at my studio. Please contact me by phone at 216.224.6040 or by e-mail at scott@scottgoss.com for pricing and to purchase.